Getting smooth, silky skin

Confession: I am absolutely terrible at maintaining a regular skincare regimen. I go through phases where I test a bunch of products and fall in love with a brand name, but give me a week, and I am back to my bad habits: washing my face in the shower and that’s about it. I get occasional acne breakouts, usually linked to stress, but it takes me forever to get my skin back to normal. I’m too lazy to put on makeup every day, so I would like to have clear skin naturally and be picture-ready at all times.

Enter my new favorite product, recommended to me by a pair of my colleagues: Zija’s 2 Minute Miracle Gel ($39.95), which appears in the company’s GenM personal care product line. Zija is leading a natural health revolution centered on harnessing the nutritional benefits of Moringa oleifera, however, I’m still getting to know Zija and subsequently can’t say too much about the whole company. I do know that this company has completely changed my colleagues’ lives and I have been impressed by the quality of the three products I have tried; really, the only thing holding me back from raving about Zija is the price point of their products. But…

2MM is worth the money. When you purchase the product, it comes in a small jar. You don’t use a lot of the gel at any given time — just a nickel-sized dollop — so it can last you for a month or so. Applying the gel is easy: you spread it over your desired skin area (in my case, the face, keeping it away from the eyes). It goes on cold to the touch and has a distinctive fresh/minty-like smell.

2MM is called the 2 minute miracle because it functions in two minutes, tops. Considering that the reason I usually fall off my skincare regimen is that I’m rushing in the morning to get ready for work, this was the deciding factor for me. Let the 2MM sit on your skin for 45-60 seconds, although sometimes it does take another minute, and then gently massage the gel in circular motions. As you do this, the gel will liquefy and then the dead skin and impurities on the surface of your epidermis will begin to roll up into these delightful little skin balls. After the skin balls form, you rinse your skin and pat it dry. Your skin, I promise you, will feel the softest it’s ever been, and that softness lasts all day.

As I told my independent distributor when I first tried 2MM:

Holy skin balls! I tried 2MM last night. That stuff is amazing! I had mentally prepared myself for the skin balls and had figured that my skin was pretty bad, but I had no idea how much gunk was on the surface! I used 2MM last night and my face is still super soft and silky this morning. I love how the product tells you it’s ready to be massaged by the change in texture from gel to liquid. There’s no way you can mess it up — easy to apply. It has a great scent, too. Definitely going to have to order some from you!

I like to use my 2MM in the morning. I put it on right before I brush my teeth so that it is ready for me to massage when I am done… and then I rinse it off in the shower. I’m planning to add Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst ($5.49) to my routine because I find the orange scent helps wake me up in the morning and might save me from needing a second cup of coffee.

If you’re interested in trying 2MM, comment below and I can put you in touch with an independent distributor (since I don’t intend on starting my own Zija business any time soon.) Or, you can be like me and purchase an annual membership so that you can take advantage of the wholesale pricing.