dum doceo has a newly broadened focus for 2018 and beyond. The blog began in 2013 as a research venture, gained some momentum in 2015 as a teacher’s journal, and then stagnated in late 2016 because it had exhausted its potentialities. After some soul-searching and rebranding, dum doceo emerged in all its gorgeous, multidimensional glory. It stands before you as a lifestyle blog centered around the pursuit of work-life balance.

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While I Teach

Like most teachers, I enjoy being in the classroom — both to teach and to learn. I initially named my blog the Latin phrase for “while I teach” because I intended to have a professional blog to complement my teaching portfolio, but this is the very project that proved repetitive, laborious, and dull — and the total unbalancing of my life. In 2018 when I renewed my interest in blogging, I wanted a new project but felt attached to the blog’s name and couldn’t bear to let it go.  And yet the more I thought, the more I realized that I didn’t have to let the name go; I simply had to change my interpretation of what “while I teach” means. Now that I have a few years of teaching under my belt and have gotten better at work-life balance, I realize that “while I teach” encompasses so much more than the things I do for school while I teach. “While I teach” means everything that drives me, inspires me, and captivates me while I teach.

The new dum doceo is still a blog about teaching. Only now it’s a blog about the teacher, too, and the life she has outside of the classroom — and the living we all want to do despite our working.