Annie Smith

My name is Annie Smith and I am a high school English teacher whose main passions are reading (naturally), boating, and horseback riding. When I have free time, that’s how I’m most likely spending it. Once in a while I might be trying something new, like knitting or making homemade beauty products.

I’m a total perfectionist and highly ambitious, which is both a blessing and a curse. When I first started teaching in 2015, I became a workaholic. On reflection, there were three causes. First, I was (and still am!) passionate about my job, leading me to spend a lot of time at work. Second, I was trying to secure a full-time position by making myself uber useful to my school. Third, I was a naive teacher who wanted everything to go absolutely right… all the freakin’ time.

Playful, contrasting color combinations are my favorite style choices

It took me another two years to realize that I was not only working myself too hard, but also harder than many of my colleagues. Since then, I’ve been striving for a healthy work-life balance. I refocused Dum Doceo in order to chronicle my journey in finding and maintaining that balance. The more I explore work-life balance, the more I am fascinated by the values and lifestyle choices it entails.

Catch me on on Instagram as @smithanniek or Twitter as @educatorsmith.

Follow my reading on Goodreads. I’m usually juggling two or three books. There’s almost always a book on my shelf that I’ve cracked open but haven’t touched in years. If you’ve read it, tell me why I should keep going with it!