Dum Doceo does not exist in a vacuum. These are some projects that capture my attention, either as another venture of mine or as fodder for my creativity and wellbeing.

My Ventures

AKS Central serves as my professional website. It is a combination of my teaching philosophy, portfolio, and resume, and even features some student work samples!

Not Really Oxford Women is a travel blog that I developed with my friend, Chelsea Harper, whom I met while completing my Master’s degree at Bridgewater State University.


CrossTalk is a blog that I would be remiss to mention. It is authored by my employer and colleague, Head of School Christopher Keavy, and is equal measures of heartfelt reflection and inspirational tidbits. A perfect snapshot of why I value this blog is this post.

Della Bites, produced by my aforementioned friend Chelsea Harper, is the reason that I rebranded Dum Doceo. I was close to reducing my online presence when I learned that Chelsea operated a blog, and when I saw what she produced, I realized that my voice, too, should shout into the Interwebs.

The Paleo PACT is any foodie’s dream. I count myself as very fortunate to have met and worked with both Paige Lightner and Katie Schmarr, who completed their PACT program at my place of employment and are deeply thoughtful and compassionate women. Paige and Katie are exemplars of true sisterhood and the fact that they are amazing, healthy chefs is just as invigorating!

Kailey Elizabeth is how it’s done, plain and simple. Kailey is one of those people who makes you feel like the sun is shining directly on you when you’re around her, and her website does the same thing. I adore Kailey’s message and have taken so many cues from how she runs her social media and organizes her website. Kailey is #goals.

Dacre Montgomery’s insta is freakin’ brilliant. I normally don’t follow celebrity accounts, but this man knows how to work social media. I love, love, love how his Instagram account only makes sense when you view his grid. When you read the comments on individual #instaposts, you can see that some people (*eyeroll* plebs) simply aren’t on his level.