I have always loved horses. I badgered my parents for riding lessons, and eventually my mom convinced my dad to let me try on the conditions that I wouldn’t show or jump, and that I would train with an instructor who wouldn’t pressure me. In the sixth grade I learned hunt seat with Julie Craig, who a few years later transformed her business into therapeutic riding. I took a break from riding myself, but when I enrolled in my undergraduate degree at Bridgewater State University, I decided to get back into riding by joining the equestrian team. (Again, the concession to my dad was that I wouldn’t jump, which is how I entered the world of dressage through the Intercollegiate Dressage Association.) Without a doubt, this has been the best decision of my life. Not only does the sport of dressage appeal to me philosophically, but through IDA I found my trainers, Barbara Archer and Bethany Rebello, my barn and barn family at Fairfield Farm, a wonderful set of horses who keep me sane and happy, as well as a physical activity that I simply love. I have no idea how many levels I will complete, but I’m dedicated to getting as far as I can go. This is my journey so far.

Waiting for our class

2017 Season Highlights

  • Heritage Dressage Association Year-End Award: Intro B (Senior), 4th Place
  • Heritage Dressage Association Year-End Award: Intro C (Senior), 2nd Place
  • Earned 4 ribbons at 2 shows and it was “Sawyer” A Sudden Sir Prize’s first time showing off-property! One ribbon was a first place at our first show! Yeah!